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Joyful Heart - Peaceful Soul - Integral Yoga Bhakti Retreat

with Chinmayi at the Shekinashram, Glastonbury

Next Retreat - Date to be confirmed


Here's a flavour of what you can expect.  A time to nurture and share in joyful awakening to the presence of our own Divine Heart.  Each day we will have meditation, a yoga class, exploration of bhakti yoga teachings and practices, kirtan, time spent in nature,  nourishing meals prepared by the ashram staff, plus free time to explore the town and surrounding countryside.  

















In the peaceful setting of Shekinashram at the foot of Glastonbury Tor we will take a self-healing journey together, faciliated by the practices of the Integral Yoga tradition and Heart-Opening workshops with Chinmayi.


Each retreat includes two night's accommodation at the Shekinashram and full board.  Booking is essential as space is limited.  Cost £285 per person.


Comments from previous participants


"It's hard for me to put into words what these retreats have done for me, each one holding such a unique vibe.  These retreats go above and beyond just our physical practice, exploring our mental practice such as meditation as well as the  philosophy of yoga, delving deep into the timeless teachings. If you are seeking something more, a deeper practice or a better understanding I highly recommend taking this time for yourself. As a mum, I initially had second thoughts about taking so much time out 'just for me' and I felt guilty about spending money on myself. But now I , my family and friends benefit from this time I allowed myself. I returned with a noticeable change. A huge open heart, greater patience and understanding towards all.  The Shekinashram is a magical space, the perfect place for such a personal journey. Add this to the knowledge, guidance and wonderful teachings Chinmayi shares....the result is transformational.  You will carry this experience in your heart always...invest in yourself,  you won't regret it." Kerry


"I feel truly blessed to have spent an amazing weekend immersed in Bhakti yoga practice which incorporated many things I came to enjoy more than I would have known. You don't need prior understanding, practice or study. This is all provided. You just need an open heart and mind. I had only been to yoga once! The Kirtan, meditation, yoga, prayer, and Vedic fire ceremony combined with beautiful saatvic food and long walks really did combine study, gratitude, appreciation of service and universal understanding and love on a level that is rare to experience. If you are "bogged down" with every day life, rush around and don't feel like you are existing beyond the material, then this is just the pick me up you need. It's stripping everything back to how it should be, could be, and potentially would be.


Sometimes we need to just give ourselves that couple of days to regain ourselves and our perspective on life. Wherever you are on your path, you can humbly submit to opening your heart and mind on another level. Who are we? Where are we from? Where are we going? No one knows the answers to those questions. But you will surely be closer to those answers by spending a weekend with people asking those very same questions and seeking  -  as is human nature to do.


If you are looking to feel universal energy and love then you will be in the right place at shekinashram with Chinmayi and the team already there who are devoted to bringing peace, love and sanctuary to all who need it and seek it. We won't all be jivamukti overnight but we will be closer to fulfilment and happiness if we embrace what our society is at present yearning for. And in the Kali Yuga age there are not many of us that it doesn't apply to." Mel


How to book


Please complete a booking form using the link above and send with a deposit of £100 or full payment either by using the link on my shop page. or by bank transfer/cheque/cash.  Feel free to message me to arrange to pay by instalments.  


What do I need to bring?


YOGA MAT.  If you have a yoga mat, you are welcome to bring one.  We do have spare mats available.

BLANKET. Some people like to use a blanket during deep relaxation, especially during the winter months, some spares are available.  

PERSONAL ITEMS.  Please bring your own toiletries.  The Ashram will provide bedding and towels.  All meals plus hot drinks are provided during our stay, from Friday evening meal through to Sunday lunchtime.  Its a good idea to bring walking boots or wellies and a waterproof coat.


Any Other Questions?


If you have any other questions, or if you would like to discuss anything about your personal requirements, please do get in touch on 07827 680655, email to or you can also use the contact form on this page.


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I am offering live and recorded online Yoga Classes 3 times a week via Zoom, and a Meditation and Mindfulness group.  Here are the class times if you want to join us:  


Yoga:  Monday 9.30-10.30 am, Tuesday 6.15-7.30 pm,  £7 per class.

Meditation & Mindfulness: Thursday 7.00-7.45 pm, £5 per class.


Here's the link to join, via Zoom

Passcode: 108




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