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Reiki Courses

Reiki is a way of sending healing energy into your own body, or someone else’s. Coming from a Japanese Buddhist tradition, this Reiki energy is all around us, all the time.  When you take a Reiki Healing course the teacher ‘attunes’ you (tunes you in) so you can pick up the energy and use it.  Its useful as a healing tool, but it will also transform your perspective on life.  Reiki teaches us to be patient, to accept, to be grateful just for being.  


Its been a really important part of my journey towards Peace –  it can do the same for you.


If you would like to learn how to work with Reiki energies to heal yourself, or for others, I can teach you.  Either one-to-one or in small groups.  To find the date of the next Reiki Course you can visit the Reiki Courses and Healing Facebook page or if its easier, feel free to call me on 07827 680655 or email  The different types of Reiki Courses I teach are listed below.  


First Degree - Usui and Tibetan Reiki.

This is the starting point for all Reiki students.  You will learn what Reiki is, its uses, the history of Reiki, how to channel healing for yourself and others.  Training is given on how to conduct a healing session and how to care for your client.  You will receive two attunements to the Reiki energy: one Usui and one Tibetan, a manual, certificate and ongoing support.  Cost £100. VARIOUS DATES AVAILABLE. BOOK NOW.


Second Degree – Usui and Tibetan Reiki.

For anyone already attuned to First Degree.  You will learn the Reiki symbols and be taught how to use them for hands-on and distance healing.  The Reiki energy will increase in strength and the level of personal transformation is deepened.  Course includes two attunements, manual, certificate and ongoing support.  Cost 150. VARIOUS DATES AVAILABLE. BOOK NOW.


Master Degree – Usui and Tibetan Reiki.

Second Degree students may wish to take the Master Degree and to become a teacher, or purely for personal reasons.  Reiki Master is a serious commitment to the path of Reiki. The master symbols are given and you will be taught the attunement processes for all levels.  Training takes place over a longer period, usually 2 days though this is dictated by the needs of the student.  Students receive all manuals, certificate and ongoing support.  Cost £500.   Dates arranged on an individual basis.  BOOK NOW.


Karuna Reiki

An opportunity to work with higher frequencies of healing energies.  The symbols given during Second Degree and Master Degree work deep in the subconscious and are effective in healing patterns of abuse.  Karuna means ‘compassion in action’ or ‘action taken to alleviate suffering’.  The benefits of working with this system cannot be underestimated.  Karuna engenders self-love, acceptance and peace at the very core of our being. Cost £500.  Dates arranged on an individual basis.   BOOK NOW.


Anubis Reiki

Ancient Egyptian symbols align the 7 major chakras, each presided over by a specific deity.  A high-vibration energy. Initiates need to have either Karuna Second Degree or Usui and Tibetan Master to hold this vibration.  Anubis Reiki represents an opportunity to meet yourself in a place which lies beyond fear and judgement.  The old paradigms will be washed away and the individual reborn into a fuller awareness of collective consciousness.  Cost £500.  Dates arranged on an individual basis.  BOOK NOW.






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