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Hello & welcome to Key of Life

Hey there! Thanks for dropping into my little virtual corner of the world.  I hope you find something here that engages you and ultimately helps you to transform and grow.  


There are a variety of different resources for you to look through and I am always adding more so feel free to drop back often, join my list or follow me on social media.  


All the work I offer is focussed on helping you to find and maintain your peace.  


From an early age I had a strong inner awareness that the sole purpose in being here was to ‘evolve spiritually’.  Its taken 30 years of personal exploration to bring me to a point where I begin to know myself, in my true essence, and thus find a point of balance from which to view all things.


I’m not saying that I’m ‘cooked’ yet, but the quest for what is real has driven me to explore the teaching of yoga, meditation, mantra, reiki, and other healing traditions.  Through studying and applying these wisdom teachings directly I have found a sense of inner peace which is (almost) unshakable.


My own experiences have shown me that we are - all of us -  in our True Nature, the Peace that we seek.  It’s just that for the most part, many of us appear to have forgotten our own capacity for accessing our inner stillness.


Every person I work with also brings so much of their own wisdom and the discussions which arise, spontaneously, the discoveries which we make together, continue to inform my own practice.  For this I am truly grateful.


I hope to connect with you soon, either in a group, one-to-one or via one of my online courses. Or if you have a question, feel free to ask me.


Om Shanti (Peace)





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