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With so much talk about spirituality how can we find our way through the bewildering array of choices on offer and find a practice that works for us?


Integral Yoga teacher, Chinmayi, talks about her own experiences with a variety of different traditions, explaining how the technique of Self-enquiry has been the most helpful tool in finding inner Peace.


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By chinmayi, Jul 17 2018 01:36PM

The journey into Motherhood takes us from being someone’s child to being someone’s parent. Some of us will be filled with wonder at that thought, and some of us, are going to feel that we are not yet ready, that we do not yet know how to be a parent. Often we find our feelings are a mixture of both these points of view and that, depending on what sort of day (or moment) we are having, we change back and forth from one perspective to the other.

‘Mother knows best’ encapsulates the idea that, as a mother, we will have all the answers. That sense of knowing what is right for our children and how best to guide them. The question is, when does that knowledge come? Does it happen suddenly, in a flash, at the moment of birth? Or does it come in the Bounty Pack? For most of us, I think the answer is probably not. So how do we make that transition from child to mother, from not knowing, to being that source of all knowledge for that one little person who depends on us so much?

At the arrival of my first child (some 20 years ago), I was shocked to find this baby did not come with an instruction manual. That the professionals around me did not have all the answers to my apparently never ending new-mum list of questions. It took my own Mother’s gentle nudging to point me in the right direction … the direction of my own intuition.

Learning to listen to our own inner guidance is something that we can cultivate, and if we can do this before our baby enters the world, so much the better.

From my own experiences teaching yoga over the last 10 years, I know that yoga does help us develop our intuitive abilities. There are several reasons for this. The first, and most significant, is the way in which practising yoga calms our minds. When your mind is calm, it is so much easier to make clear decisions. Practising yoga on a regular basis also helps you to regulate your emotions and balance the hormonal changes taking place within. We all know how it feels to be fully in the grip of a hormonal outburst, to feel like we have no control and lets face it, that’s a horrible place to be, with or without a new baby.

The good news is that when we learn yogic breathing techniques in our pregnancy yoga class, we are given a tool which we can use, at any time, to regain a sense of control and self-regulation. Simply by breathing deeply we trigger a change in our body’s nervous system which switches off adrenaline (our fight or flight responses) and switches on the calmer, more rational side of our being. Giving ourselves, and our loved ones, this emotional space, is often all we need to find and maintain peace.

Secondly, we develop a better relationship with our own – and our baby’s – body. Yoga is designed to help us pay attention to the subtle language of the body, it makes us more mindful in the way we move, and encourages us to tune in to the subtleties of body language. So important during those early days and weeks when our little one has no words to share with us, other than their crying. We begin to listen intently, not just with our ears, but with our felt perception. As we move through the safe, gentle postures in a pregnancy yoga class we tune in to the messages from our tight shoulders, aching hips, or whatever range of physical experiences we are having. It also teaches us to be compassionate towards our ever changing bodies, honouring those changes and recognizing that all changes are just that, states of being which come and go.

The third reason, is the quietness and moments of deep peace which our yoga class provides. Scientists have proved that silence actually increases our brain power, it provides processing time, allowing the brain to sift and sort information and build new neural pathways. This is good for us as mothers-to-be, good for our babies, and a beautiful practice which, when maintained over an extended period of time, has the ability to keep us centred in our own energy, grounded and focussed. All the qualities we would seek to cultivate as a mother.

Finally, we can use this precious time spent in the company of other women to give and receive support, to build new friendships and share experiences all of which contribute directly to our own sense of wellbeing and help in building a nurturing, harmonious feeling within our local community.

This is why I am so delighted to be offering Pregnancy Yoga at The Mutha Hub in Weymouth. For more details on these and other classes visit or message me on 07827 680655.

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