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With so much talk about spirituality how can we find our way through the bewildering array of choices on offer and find a practice that works for us?


Integral Yoga teacher, Chinmayi, talks about her own experiences with a variety of different traditions, explaining how the technique of Self-enquiry has been the most helpful tool in finding inner Peace.


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By chinmayi, May 3 2020 03:31PM

This time of isolation has given me the space and impetus to start curating some completely fresh content and new ways of working. Our existing online yoga and meditation classes are, of course, a great way to keep up with our existing practice, but it seems that many of us are wanting more, and feel compelled to elevate our consciousness with a more in depth study of the ancient wisdom teachings.

With this in mind I have decided to write some new online study courses, based around the themes of personal development, spiritual practice and growth. These courses will combine video lectures, course notes and practical weekly activities. Topics will be linked to create a progressive journey of self-exploration, with the support of a private facebook group and weekly, live, interactive sessions.

I am so delighted with the response to these initial ideas and although everything is still in the planning stage, I am committed to getting these courses out as soon as possible so that we can all benefit from working and growing together.

The first topics to be published will be:

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life. Teachings from classical yogic texts applied to our modern life challenges. Designed to improve you relationships and love of life.

Mindfulness and Meditation. A series exploring practices from different traditions. Combining sacred sound, guided visualizations and moving meditation. Practical advise to elevate your practice to the next level.

If you have an interest in these courses, or anything else that you feel would be useful, do let me know. I am delighted to be able to walk alongside you on your own self-healing journey.

If you would like to be kept updated, feel free to sign up for my newsletter using the contact form on the website or to connect with me on social media.

All love, Chinmayi

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