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With so much talk about spirituality how can we find our way through the bewildering array of choices on offer and find a practice that works for us?


Integral Yoga teacher, Chinmayi, talks about her own experiences with a variety of different traditions, explaining how the technique of Self-enquiry has been the most helpful tool in finding inner Peace.


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By chinmayi, Feb 23 2020 03:35PM

The ancient healing art of Reiki has become widely used and accepted in the West as a 'go to' healing technique which can help to relieve a wide range of physical, mental and emotional imbalances. We may not have experienced Reiki directly, but will probably have heard the name and have some understanding that this is a form of 'hands on' healing.

Still, the levels to which we can take our own Reiki practice, remain something of a mystery.

The Reiki Healing Session

As an introduction to Reiki energy, we might visit a Reiki practitioner and receive the healing energies which flow from the therapists' hands. The deep sense of peace and relaxation which accompanies the energy can be transformative and perhaps we are happy to continue visiting our favourite healer from time to time, to bring body and mind back into balance.

For others, though, this 'taste' of what Reiki has to offer kindles a deeper desire to learn more, to become a practitioner of Reiki and this is where we start to work consciously through the different levels of teaching and healing that are available.

There are many different systems of Reiki, but for the majority of practitioners we start wtih the Usui Reiki system which has three levels (also known as Degrees).

First Degree - Reiki One (Shoden)

This is our starting point, where we learn what Reiki is and how it can be used. Students are introduced to the precepts of the Reiki tradition and encouraged to live by them. Traditional Japanese Reiki meditation techniques may also be taught. Students receive an 'attunement' from their Teacher (Reiki Master) and after receiving the first attunement can practice giving self-healing.

The ethical considerations and responsibilities of a healer are discussed and following a further attunement, under the guidance of the teacher, students practice giving a and hands-on healing treatment.

Reiki One is not just about learning to heal others, it is the beginning of a personal journey of transformation as the Reiki energy emplanted by our Master begins to heal not just our body and mind, but every aspect of our life. As a tool for spiritual growth and personal development it is both profound and effortless.

Second Degee - Reiki Two (Okuden)

At this level, students have already gained a rapport with the Reiki energy and this is further enhanced by learning to work consciously with the hands-on healing symbols. Each one has a different form, name and purpose.

The second degree attunements, combined with the additional knowledge imparted by our teacher provide us with the ability not just to work at a deeper level with our clients. Now we can also send Reiki healing energy through space and time.

Thisability opens us as a channel for great work. Now the energy is no longer contained simply to our palms, but is available for us to send out globally, at any time. Not only can we send Reiki across any distance, but it can also be directed through time, to heal past hurts, or to bring about the most auspicious outcome for any future event.

Third Degree - Master (Shinpiden)

The step up to become a teacher in the Reiki lineage is something that wil be felt very deeply inside. It represents a great committment, not just to the Reiki energy, but, perhaps more importantly, to our own spiritual growth.

Reiki energy flows freely and is made available to anyone who comes into contact with the Reiki Master. This is not in any way personal, Master training should not be used to strengthen the ego, rather to transcend it. This higher frequency energy shifts us into a space which is beyond any sense of 'me' and 'mine'. At this stage in our development, we are being asked to put aside our individual aspirations.

The master level attunements lift us up into awareness of higher, finer vibrations of our consciousness. We begin to move beyond the personal limited perspective, into the universal dimensions of unconditional love and service.

If you would like to know more, book a Reiki healing session, or join a course, I offer Usui and Tibetan Reiki First, Second and Master Degrees. Courses in the higher vibration Karuna and Anubis Reiki lineages are also available.

In love and light


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